The Fighting Foundation is the trademarked system of learning to use firearms for personal protection and defensive shooting, developed by Tom Medendorp, Founder, Chief Firearms Instructor, and CEO of MI Firearms ETS.

The Fighting Foundation is called a system because it incorporates natural body movement (kinesthetic), natural survival reactions (physiological), learned responses (psychological), balance and support (isometrics), Grip and Squeeze (Friction and Physics), Eye Dominance (ipsilateral and contralateral), and transitions (pistol to long gun). Through this system, we are able to provide students, at virtually every level of experience and training, with a foundation for success in using a firearm for personal protection. Let’s face it, when we talk about personal protection, success vs. failure is a life and death situation and there is no exaggeration when we say this. To learn more about the trademarked Fighting Foundation, sign up for one of Personal Protection courses, join us for Training courses, or follow the link to get your own copy of The Fighting Foundation.