Critical Incident Response & Casualty Assessment

Upcoming Classes

Due to a major remodel, we have decided to postpone all classes until April / May 2023. We value your business, and would love to have you check back with us, starting March 2023. Thank you and enjoy the Holidays. Until March 2023, Stay Safe and train like you plan to fight’


C.I.R.C.A. Training: $449

NOW $309

Learn How to respond to Critical Incidents of all types

Learn what to do until professional emergency response teams arrive

If you’re an Emergency First Responder, sharpen and expand your skills and increase your abilities

What the student will learn

Patient Assessment
Common Sense Triage
Basic and Advanced First Aid
Bleeding Control
Tourniquets, Clotting Enhancers
Chest and Abdominal Injuries
Cold and Heat Related Injuries
Head Injuries

Attend this valuable training for a fraction of the price!

Curriculum developed by the guys who wrote the curriculum for MCOLES (Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Standards)
  • 8 full hours of Critical Incident Response & Casualty Assessment Training
  • Classroom training and training to apply the principles learned
  • Situational Response to pre-determined scenarios with realistic wounds and incidents
  • Work in Teams
  • Learn from your peers, as well as the instructors
  • Experience training w/the most trusted organization for fulfilling your needs since 2001 – Michigan Firearms
  • Maximum of 20 students – Don’t Delay!
  • Receive more than 50% off by registering today!