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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Fighting Foundation”?

The Fighting Foundation is the trademarked system of learning to use firearms for personal protection and defensive shooting, developed by Tom Medendorp, Founder, Chief Firearms Instructor, and CEO of MI Firearms ETS. The Fighting Foundation is called a system because...

Why does the MI Firearms ETS course for concealed carry (PPITH) take longer than others that I’ve heard about?

The simple answer to this question is that, “We give you your money’s worth!” With the cost of our course being virtually the same as other groups offering this type of course, we can unequivocally say that we give you the most bang for your buck, no pun intended....

Why does MI Firearms ETS refer to a “CCW” as a “MCPL”?

Many people refer to the “MCPL” as a “CCW”. This is actually an incorrect term. The term “CCW” means “Carry Concealed Weapons”. Michigan does not issue a blanket type permit / license for the carrying of concealed weapons. The term CCW refers to the State of...

Which course do I need to take, in order to obtain my Michigan Concealed Pistol License (MCPL)? (AKA CCW?)

The NRA’s Personal Protection In The Home (PPITH) course, is the course which provides the necessary training to qualify for the application of a Michigan Concealed Pistol License (MCPL).

What is the difference between an education course and a training course?

Education: The process of education involves the gathering of information and learning of new skills. The information that we learn is not engrained in us unless we apply that information in a practical fashion. The skills that we learn are no better than unapplied...

What makes MI Firearms ETS courses different than others?

At MI Firearms ETS, we focus our efforts on teaching you what you want to learn. We take the time to learn what you know and then we take you from what you know to what you want to know. This simply means that we take you from the simple to the complex in a fashion...

Why should I take a course with MI Firearms ETS rather than one of the other courses that are out there?

When you take a course with MI Firearms ETS, you can be assured that you’re receiving the best instruction available and the greatest value for your money. Hour for hour, dollar for dollar, MI Firearms ETS beats the competition, hands down! The Instruction that you’ll...

Why does MI Firearms ETS require a .38 Special or 9mm as a minimum caliber for the PPITH (CCW) course?

MI Firearms ETS requires a .38 Special or 9mm as a minimum caliber for several reasons. One of those reasons is to be able to teach what is called recoil management as part of the “Fighting Foundation”. Without a caliber of sufficient size, recoil management cannot be...
What Students Say

Leslie – Holland, MI

No intimidation and patient instruction, highly recommended!

Bruce – Jenison, MI

Tom is definitely first class in knowledge, technique, and most overall, safety!

Sheila – Grand Haven, MI

Tom… opened up a world of preparedness and personal awareness for my own safety.

Tammy – Holland, MI

I learned more than I anticipated from the MI Firearms ETS instruction. The all-ladies class took the pressure off to make mistakes and ask questions that I would normally not do. Tom made this class enjoyable creating an easy to learn atmosphere. I learned a great...

Kay – Holland, MI

The instruction was well paced and put my mind at ease!

Brandy – Fennville, MI

Tom should write Firearms for Dummies…no joke!

Angela – Hamilton, MI

Thank you MI Firearms ETS for such an enjoyable experience!

Mark – West Olive, MI

Faith in God, his Family, and teaching others about his passions; this is Tom Medendorp’s success triangle.

Evelyn – Jenison, MI

I left the class feeling more confident and better prepared than I ever have.