Why does MI Firearms ETS refer to a “CCW” as a “MCPL”?

Many people refer to the “MCPL” as a “CCW”. This is actually an incorrect term. The term “CCW” means “Carry Concealed Weapons”. Michigan does not issue a blanket type permit / license for the carrying of concealed weapons. The term CCW refers to the State of Michigan’s Laws surrounding the carrying of weapons in a concealed fashion. In this reference, the only broadly issued permit / license in the State of Michigan for carrying concealed weapons is the Michigan Concealed Pistol License and therefore the acronym MCPL is derived.

Why does the MI Firearms ETS course for concealed carry (PPITH) take longer than others that I’ve heard about?

The simple answer to this question is that, “We give you your money’s worth!” With the cost of our course being virtually the same as other groups offering this type of course, we can unequivocally say that we give you the most bang for your buck, no pun intended. When we conduct the NRA’s Personal Protection In The Home (PPITH) course, we give the students 11 full hours of instruction, with four of those hours being on the firing range. This provides you two NRA Certificates of Completion and much more education than you’ll find at other places.

What is the difference between an education course and a training course?

The process of education involves the gathering of information and learning of new skills. The information that we learn is not engrained in us unless we apply that information in a practical fashion. The skills that we learn are no better than unapplied information unless those skills are practiced, in order to develop them into appropriate reactions to specific stimuli.
Training is the process which develops one’s education (gathered information and learned skills) into appropriate actions and reactions to specific stimuli through practice. Practicing learned skills is the preferred method of professionals throughout the World.
“Practice makes Permanent; only through Perfect Practice can one make something Perfectly Permanent”

Why does MI Firearms ETS require a .38 Special or 9mm as a minimum caliber for the PPITH (CCW) course?

MI Firearms ETS requires a .38 Special or 9mm as a minimum caliber for several reasons. One of those reasons is to be able to teach what is called recoil management as part of the “Fighting Foundation”. Without a caliber of sufficient size, recoil management cannot be taught to those wishing to be able to shoot in a situation of personal protection.
The second of these reasons is that most people wish to complete the PPITH course as the training requirements to apply for a MCPL. Individuals receiving the PPITH certificate should be trained and capable of using at least the minimum recommended caliber for personal protection. If an individual completes the requirements of the PPITH certificate with a caliber less than that which is recommended for personal protection, they will be placing themselves in jeopardy. At MI Firearms ETS, we do not wish to play a part in placing an individual into a situation of jeopardy by allowing a caliber of less than that recommended for personal protection to be used to fulfill the minimum requirements of training to apply for a license and carry a firearm as a personal protection tool.
The third of these reasons is that throughout the firearms training industry, a .38 Special or 9mm is the minimum caliber recommended for personal protection. As leaders in the firearms training industry, we refuse to lower standards or operate at a level considered to be less than recognized as responsible throughout the firearms training industry.

What is the “Fighting Foundation”?

The Fighting Foundation is the trademarked system of learning to use firearms for personal protection and defensive shooting, developed by Tom Medendorp, Founder, Chief Firearms Instructor, and CEO of MI Firearms ETS.

The Fighting Foundation is called a system because it incorporates natural body movement (kinesthetic), natural survival reactions (physiological), learned responses (psychological), balance and support (isometrics), Grip and Squeeze (Friction and Physics), Eye Dominance (ipsilateral and contralateral), and transitions (pistol to long gun). Through this system, we are able to provide students, at virtually every level of experience and training, with a foundation for success in using a firearm for personal protection. Let’s face it, when we talk about personal protection, success vs. failure is a life and death situation and there is no exaggeration when we say this. To learn more about the trademarked Fighting Foundation, sign up for one of Personal Protection courses, join us for Training courses, or follow the link to get your own copy of The Fighting Foundation.

What makes MI Firearms ETS courses different than others?

At MI Firearms ETS, we focus our efforts on teaching you what you want to learn. We take the time to learn what you know and then we take you from what you know to what you want to know. This simply means that we take you from the simple to the complex in a fashion that works for each individual student.
Other courses tend to work on what is called “assumed knowledge”. This is where the instructor “assumes” that all of the students understand certain terminology and other concepts that may not be common knowledge to all students in the class. This makes learning difficult for the student that does not understand.
At MI Firearms ETS, we strive to make learning as easy as possible for each student.

Why should I take a course with MI Firearms ETS rather than one of the other courses that are out there?

When you take a course with MI Firearms ETS, you can be assured that you’re receiving the best instruction available and the greatest value for your money. Hour for hour, dollar for dollar, MI Firearms ETS beats the competition, hands down!
The Instruction that you’ll receive, when you take a course with MI Firearms ETS, is routed in the best and the latest educational practices. All instruction is provided with your individual educational and training advancement in mind. At MI Firearms ETS, we care about you as a student and learner vs. a paycheck.