Personal Defense Level 3

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Course Goal

To continue to develop the shooting and firearms handling skills learned in the first two levels of Personal Protection, including shooting from unorthodox positions from concealment.

Course Description

This course is a continuation of the first two levels of Michigan Firearms’ Personal Defense courses. It is intended to develop the shooting principles learned in the first two levels, increase the fluidity of the student’s movements, and improve the student’s technique for drawing, moving, and shooting, even from unorthodox positions, until the threat is eliminated.

Resulting Knowledge and Skills

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As a result of this training, the student should be able to explain or do the following with regard to carrying and using a handgun for personal defense:

  • Apply the three fundamental NRA rules for safe gun handling when carrying a concealed handgun
  • Apply the NRA rules for using and storing a gun while utilizing a concealed carry firearm for personal defense
  • Apply special safety considerations that must be observed when carrying or using a concealed handgun
  • Develop in themselves, the ability to overcome psychological and physiological perceptions that may occur during an attack
  • Develop techniques for responding and controlling a violent encounter
  • Develop various concealed carry modes and work with the benefits and limitations of each
  • Develop the basic principles of handgun concealment
  • Develop safely presenting and re-holstering a concealed handgun
  • Develop their presentation of a concealed handgun and shoot targets in the center of exposed mass
  • Develop / Conduct speed reloading, clear stoppages, and shoot center of exposed mass


  • You will need to provide the handgun you plan to use for personal defense.
  • 350 rounds of ammunition is required for this course
  • Hearing and eye protection are required on the range at all times.
  • You will need to provide a concealed carry holster or concealed carry purse
  • You will need to provide two (2) magazines (semi-autos) or two (2) speed-loaders (revolvers)
  • An extra magazine / speed-loader holder is recommended
  • You will need to provide Snap Caps or Dummy Rounds (5 minimum)
  • This course is recommended for advancement to Michigan Firearms Defensive Handgun Series, (Levels Two & Three)

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Length of Course: 6 hours

Provided Text

  • Michigan Firearms Range Supplement


  • Successful Completion of Personal Defense Level Two


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