Continuing Education Courses

Upcoming Classes

Due to a major remodel, we have decided to postpone all classes until April / May 2023. We value your business, and would love to have you check back with us, starting March 2023. Thank you and enjoy the Holidays. Until March 2023, Stay Safe and train like you plan to fight’

Continuing Education Courses give you practical knowledge about firearms, legislation, preparedness, and more!

Firearms, the Law, and You

Join us for a 3 hour session on Firearms, Michigan Law, and You. Initially, we will cover the use of deadly force in the State of Michigan. then, we will discuss the purchase and transfer process. After this, we will open the floor to discussion, with the Lawyer, Law Enforcement, the Coast Guard, and the FFL Dealer. You will be able to present your questions, scenarios, and your understandings, to receive answers, clarity, and correct information.

If you would choose to use this time, toward the required review time, to renew your CPL. Michigan Law requires that you spend three hours of review of what you learned in your CPL course. Although Michigan Law does not require that you take a course to do this, many folks do. We will be discussing the training requirements and the renewal requirements of CPLs, as well.

Situational Awareness
This Continuing Education Course is for students who wish to increase their awareness in all situations throughout the course of normal life. As an interactive class, students will participate in activities and exercises that they will be able to take from class to normal life and continue to increase their level of awareness through practice and application.

Avoidance, Deterrence, and De-Escalation
Join us and learn techniques to avoid possible confrontations or threatening encounters. Learn how to deter crime and other unpleasant experiences, Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to avoid or deter crime, it tends to find us. If this happens, the ability to de-escalate a situation is paramount. Avoidance, Deterrence, and De-Escalation skills are necessary tools to place in your personal defense tool box.