Our classes range from beginner to the advanced. Even if you have never held a gun before-we have a class for you! Look at the list and reserve your spot today!

Our Targets in Action

“Education is learning, while training is developing what you have learned”

-Tom Medendorp, 2013

“Tom should write Firearms for Dummies…no joke! As a woman with NO firearm experience whatsoever, I went into my first class full of anxiety. I was nervous…could I really do this? Would I really be able to protect myself and my young children? Tom immediately made me feel completely comfortable. I learned so much! I had no questions left unanswered and no intimidation at all! I now feel confident and extremely comfortable with my firearms. My husband and I also learned the correct way to teach our children about firearm safety. I recommend MI Firearms ETS to everyone interested in having firearms in the home, even if you don’t plan on carrying.”


Fennville, MI

“Thank you MI Firearms ETS for such an enjoyable experience! I received thorough instruction, all my questions were answered, and we had an all ladies class which was super fun. If you are considering ANY firearms training I urge you to check out MI Firearms ETS.”


 Hamilton, MI

“No intimidation and patient instruction, highly recommended!”


Holland, MI

“I learned more than I anticipated from the MI Firearms ETS instruction. The all ladies class took the pressure off to make mistakes and ask questions that I would normal not do. Tom made this class enjoyable creating an easy to learn atmosphere. I learned a great deal and had fun doing so! Look for Tom, he is the best!


Holland, MI

“Training with Tom was a great experience. I was terrified to be near a gun before signing up for the class. The instruction was well paced and put my mind at ease! There was plenty of hands-on time with a wide range of firearms! This made it easy to find the one I’m best suited for.”


Holland, MI

“HUGE shout out to West Michigan Firearms ETS! My wife took the NRA PPITH class with instructor Tom Medendorp. Tom is definitely first class in knowledge, technique, and most overall, safety! His methods are non-intimidating, concise, and to the point. “Make sense?” At the end of a series of instruction, all the steps getting there ‘make perfect sense’ at the finish. Tom recognizes each student’s abilities and finds each unique starting/improvement points. Heck, I have already had previous training, and just observed class and range time with Tom and learned much more! Already broke some shooting habits of mine. With Tom and a couple hours of range time, one can see a drastic improvement in skill….mainly confidence!!!! Top notch, patient, SAFE instruction; Listen to Tom, he knows what he’s doing! Highly recommend any of the courses offered, planning on further training myself!”


Jenison, MI

“Faith in God, his Family, and teaching others about his passions; this is Tom Medendorp’s success triangle. He ‘ALWAYS’ loves to educate people safely and effectively. Tom is a positive teacher, who wants you to succeed ‘ALWAYS’. He is ‘ALWAYS’ learning new things to pass on to his students. ‘DON’T BE A VICTIM’, ‘NEVER GIVE UP’.”


West Olive, MI

“With no experience in the use of a hand gun, Tom thru his PPITH class for women opened up a world of preparedness and personal awareness for my own safety. With 8 hours of class time given by an instructor passionate about what he teaches and thru extensive range time ( holy bang sh**) I have gained some experience in how to protect myself. I look forward to more classes at Mi Firearms ETS”


Grand Haven, MI

“I had been wanting to take a ‘refresher’ class in personal protection in the home for a while, and I did just that this past weekend through MI Firearms ETS. Those who know me best know that I like to be prepared for anything & everything! The 8 hours of interactive instruction plus the 4 hours outside on the range were exactly what I needed. Actually, I was surprised at all I learned this weekend (and hadn’t learned in other classes advertising the same training). The range instruction was absolutely top notch, and was the most organized and complete I’ve ever received. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning how not to become a victim. Safety and responsibility are stressed and practiced in this course, as well as practical ways to avoid danger. But equally important, a lot of time is devoted to becoming more knowledgeable and skilled with firearms that could save our lives if nothing else works. I left the class feeling more confident and better prepared than I ever have. I’m sure I’ll be taking other classes there in the future!”


Jenison, MI