Personal Defense Level One

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Includes instruction on tasers, knives, and sprays.

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Course Goal

To develop the student’s attitude, knowledge, and skills essential to personal defense. To build the student’s ability to utilize a firearm in a defensive manner. To develop the student’s understanding of the legal use of deadly force and the principles of awareness and avoidance.

Course Description

Michigan Firearm’s Personal Defense Level One course is for law-abiding citizens, as defined by applicable federal, state, and/or local law. It is more than just a course to get a certificate for application of a concealed pistol license (CPL). It is a course providing the most comprehensive range time available, well established lesson regarding Michigan Laws and the legal use of deadly force, and training for Tasers®, Knives, and Defensive Sprays.

Resulting Knowledge and Skills

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As a result of this training, the student should be able to explain or do the following with regard to carrying and using a handgun for personal defense:

  • Explain the importance of using a firearm responsibly and ethically for personal defense
  • Explain the importance of developing the proper mindset for using a firearm for personal defense and facing a life-threatening encounter
  • Explain and evaluate your state of mental awareness using the four levels of awareness
  • Explain the importance of mental preparation and physical training for a potentially life-threatening confrontation
  • Explain and demonstrate the fundamentals of defensive marksmanship (much different than target shooting) – MI Firearms Students spend four hours on the firing range, learning how to practice defensive shooting
  • Explain and demonstrate malfunction clearing
  • Explain and demonstrate defensive reloads
  • Explain the differences between cover and concealment, and identify examples of each
  • Explain key provisions of the law pertaining to the use of firearms for personal defense
  • State key provisions and restrictions within the law pertaining to the use of deadly force
  • Explain potential criminal and civil legal actions that may be taken against you subsequent to a defensive encounter
  • Explain strategies and methods to enhance your personal safety
  • Describe strategies for responding to a potentially life-threatening encounter
  • Explain the importance of mentally preparing for the aftermath of a violent confrontation
  • Explain methods for safely storing a firearm for personal defense and child safety
  • Identify the criteria for selecting a handgun and ammunition suited to your individual personal-defense needs
  • Identify the major cartridge designs available for practice and personal defense
  • Explain and demonstrate methods and precautions for dry fire practice


  • You will need to provide the handgun you plan to use for personal defense
  • MI Firearms ETS has handguns for use with the required amount of ammunition for those who have not decided on a handgun for personal defense, yet
  • You may use any caliber of handgun for this course, we suggest that you use a handgun of a minimum caliber of .38 special / 9mm, in order to receive the full effect of the training
  • Handguns must be semi-automatic pistols or Six Shot double-action revolvers
  • You must have two magazines (semi-autos) or two speed loaders (revolvers)
  • a Strong Side, Outside the Waistband Holster is required for this course
  • Hearing and eye protection are required on the range at all times
  • This course is required to advance to the Personal Defense Level Two course offered by MI Firearms ETS
  • This course cannot be waived for advancement into the Personal Defense Level Two course offered by MI Firearms ETS
  • A minimum of 98 rounds of ammunition (9mm or .38 Special minimum suggested) must be fired to complete the range portion of the course
  • Participants will be able to receive a certificate of completion for Personal Defense Level One, which may be used to apply for a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) in the State of Michigan

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Length of Course: 8 hours

Provided Text

  • MI Firearms ETS Range Supplement and guided notes


  • Passing the Pre-Course Evaluation by MI Firearms ETS (performed during the course)
  • A proper attitude for learning, necessary to gain valuable knowledge, which will help you build the skill that you desire.