Precision Rifle

Precision Rifle

Course Goal: To teach participants to safely and effectively use a rifle for long range shooting.

Course Description:   This course is designed for individuals who use rifles for long range shooting, particularly for hunting and target shooting purposes, to hone their skills as a long range rifle shooter. This course will be taught by our guest instructors, Marine Corp Scout Sniper, Jason Wright and Tactical Officer, Mel Brummel. This course will provide the opportunity to increase one’s understanding of the principles of long range shooting, while applying their understanding and increased skill base on the firing range.

Length of Course: 8 hours

Prerequisites: Minimal rifle shooting experience, but a familiarity with rifles and rifle actions are a must.

Provided Text: Supplemental provided by
MI Firearms ETS

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Throughout the course, the student will learn:

  • Types of ammunition and their intended purposes
  • How to identify the optimum ammunition for intended purpose
  • How to identify the criteria for selecting a long range rifle

    (Caliber, Action Type, Barrel Length, Stock, Optics, etc)
  • To identify the capabilities and limitations of specific rifles / calibers
  • How to optimize your optics

    (Clarity, Shadow Elimination, Sight Picture and Alignment)
  • What they didn’t know about the five fundamentals of rifle shooting
  • How to fine tune the five fundamentals of rifle shooting
  • How to adjust for the effects of weather conditions, including:

    (Wind Classification, Temperature, Air Density)
  • External Ballistics

Understanding these points will enable the student to effectively and safely use a rifle for long range shooting.

  • Participants need to provide their own rifles with telescopic sights.
  • Participants will need to provide 100 rounds of ammunition for their rifles.
  • Participants must must provide eye and ear protection, which will be required at all times while on the firing range.
  • Additional items, such as: mats, bi-pods, ruck sacs, shoulder pads, etc, are recommended to be brought along
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