Shoot House/Tactical Training

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MI Firearms ETS has a Live Fire Shoot House that we utilize for defensive / tactical training for law enforcement and civilian defensive shooters alike. The Live Fire Shoot House is portable and modular. The fact that it’s portable allows MI Firearms ETS to come to your location to perform training exercises. The fact that the Live Fire Shoot House is modular, MI Firearms ETS is able to provide a variety of scenario and situational training for you / your group. MI Firearms ETS also utilizes the Live Fire Shoot House for Force on Force Training using Simunitions.

Scenario Training

Scenario Training is training that involves scenario set up and briefing of the shooter to what is expected of them. When the shooter knows what they are expected to do, they are able perform the expected task and develop their skills with little stress. Stress can be applied by way of scoring for precision and time for how fast the task can be completed. This type of training can improve the shooter’s ability to balance speed and precision. In order to increase the shooter’s ability to make choices, with speed and precision, it must be done through Situational training.

Situational Training

Situational Training is, by definition, training to improve a shooter’s ability to make decisions with speed and precision. When a shooter is placed in situation that becomes apparent in an instant, they must make the decisions to protect themselves in a variety of ways:

  • Retreat / Defend
  • Verbally Command
  • Draw from concealment
  • Find Cover / Concealment
  • Shoot / Don’t Shoot
  • Call 911
  • Control the encounter

When the shooter is placed into situations and required to respond, utilizing natural reactions and learned responses, the shooter becomes more adept at making decisions under stress in a realistic manner. Situational training can provide the necessary stress to build decision making skills while in complete control. The next level of stress and the closest training to actual realistic situations where the shooter is not in complete control is through Force on Force training with the use of Simunition®.


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