First Aid, CPR, AED

Upcoming Classes

Due to a major remodel, we have decided to postpone all classes until April / May 2023. We value your business, and would love to have you check back with us, starting March 2023. Thank you and enjoy the Holidays.
Until March 2023, Stay Safe and train like you plan to fight’


First Aid / CPR / AED Training: $110

NOW $77

You should take this course:

  • if you would like more chances to apply your skills
  • if you want more opportunities to practice your skills
  • if you want more than just lecture
  • if you want to perform hands-on activities to apply those things that you wouldn’t normally do in a 1A/CPR/AED course
This course is so much more than just a course to receive certification. At Michigan Firearms, we’ve always brought our students more than they’ve expected.

Attend this valuable training for a fraction of the price!

Rather than tell you how much more we do in our course for First Aid / CPR / AED, let our students’ quotes tell you what you’re in for:

Dave says – “I’ve been re-certifying for 40 years, ever since I got out of the Army, and this is the best course I’ve ever attended”


Shawnda says – “I’ve been re-certifying, every year, for the past 16 years, and I’ve never learned these things before”

Many of our Church Safety & Security Teams have utilized this training, not just to say that they’ve been certified; rather to maximize their funding and time, to be properly trained to serve their flock in the best possible manner.

Many courses focus on getting you in and out as quick as possible, with a certificate of completion, in order to meet a requirement. At Michigan Firearms, we feel that your time is valuable and that you should leave with as much as you can possibly learn in the time frame that you’ve committed.

Join us for your First Aid / CPR / AED Certification and prepare for our C.I.R.C.A. Program. Our C.I.R.C.A. (Critical Incident Response & Casualty Assessment) course was specifically designed for Safety & Security Teams at Churches, Businesses, and Schools, but it also serves for folks in unique positions or those who just want to be appropriately prepared for emergencies that may arise.